Port 21 – FTP

How to enumerate FTP service or port 21


FTP is a service that is usually used in Web Servers from admins for accessing the data remotely. So it’s a fact that you will find this service in one of our clients’ systems during penetration testing.

Connect to the ftp-server to obtain software and version.

nc 21

Always try to log in with:


Run Nmap scripts on the port:

nmap --script=*ftp* --script-args=unsafe=1 -p 21


nmap –script ftp-anon,ftp-bounce,ftp-libopie,ftp-proftpd-backdoor,ftp-vsftpd-backdoor,ftp-vuln-cve2010-4221,tftp-enum -p 21

There are two modes within FTP, binary and ASCII. If you want to upload a binary file, you need to put FTP in binary mode (or the file will be uploaded, but corrupted). If you are working with text files, use the ASCII mode. You just need to write the word “binary” or “ascii” to change mode.


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