Port 53 – DNS

How to enumerate DNS service or port 53


DNS (Domain Name System) uses both TCP and UDP port 53

The most commonly used port for DNS is UDP 53. This port is used when a computer, mobile etc.. connect with a DNS server to resolve a particular domain name. Domain Name System uses TCP for Zone transfer and UDP for name resolving. UDP is used to transfer small data, but TCP must be used to transfer data larger than 512 bytes.

Find the IP address of the domain name:

host wikihak.com

Find the name servers of the domain name:

host -t ns wikihak.com

Find the mail servers of the domain name:

host -t mx wikihak.com


There’s another DNS lookup tool called Dig, which is used to execute DNS queries.

dig wikihak.com
dig wikihak.com -t mx
dig wikihak.com -t ns




This is a great perl script that enumerates DNS information.

dnsenum --noreverse -o file.xml wikihak.com


DNS Recon:


This is another great python script that will help you to enumerate DNS.




nmap -T4 -p 53 --script dns-brute wikihak.com




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